What Can I Do To Keep My Dog Entertained

What Can I Do To Keep My Dog Entertained
Edward R. Forte October 10, 2021


What Can I Do To Keep My Dog Entertained

We all know an active dog is a happy dog, but even if you can’t get out as much as you’d ideally like to over the next few weeks, there’s still plenty you can do at home to help keep your dog stimulated and entertained.Check out our tips below for how you can keep your dog entertained indoors.Physical exertion comes from walking, running and playing, whilst many different things can provide mental stimulation.A dog who lacks stimulation (of either the physical or mental type) often ends up letting out her pent-up energy in an undesirable manner, such as chewing her owner’s socks or destroying a piece of furniture.This is why it’s so important to ensure your dog gets plenty of stimulation, both mental and physical.Using positive reinforcement methods, go over all the commands you’ve taught her previously, or introduce a new one.Whether you’re just starting out with obedience or your dog is a seasoned pro, it’s useful to spend at least 5-10 minutes on training every day, to ensure all commands are well cemented in your dog’s mind, and she can always recall the correct behavior when needed.Stash some of your dog’s toys in a cupboard for a couple of days, and then swap them over to give your dog something new to play with.Other games you can adapt for indoor play include throwing a very lightweight ball in a safe area for your dog to catch or fetch, provided there is nothing breakable around.Particularly fun if you have kids – get your dog to sit, stay (give her a human helper if she doesn’t know how to stay yet) and then go and hide.Hide treats around your home and let her sniff them out throughout the day.Get your dog to guess which one holds the treat by touching it with her nose or paw.If you have enough room, why not set up a homemade obstacle course for your pup?Another great one to keep kids entertained too, you could even work up to hosting your own dog show with an agility course and obedience category with your kids as dog handlers! .

How To Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors: Games, Sports, & More

Keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated while stuck indoors is important.Dogs still need exercise, no matter what’s keeping them cooped up indoors, which means owners have to get creative to keep their pups and themselves from going stir crazy.Hide and seek is an easy indoor game that doesn’t require any special equipment.Scent Work is also something you can easily indoors with your dog.If your dog isn’t all that interested in chewing on the toy, weave in a few treats, or purchase your own snuffle mat if you don’t feel like DIY.If your dog loves swimming, the fun doesn’t have to end just because summer is over.These may allow your dog to socialize and get in their favorite exercise at the same time.Dogs of any age can benefit from focusing in a group setting and working with their owners.Obstacles typically include things like tunnels, jumps, an A-frame, weave poles, and a seesaw.Agility is open to all dogs, whether purebred or mixed breed and classes are divided by jump height. .

At-Home Tips for Keeping Your Pets Busy and Engaged

One key to a happy and healthy pet is regular enrichment, keeping their environments safe and exciting and allowing them to engage in their innate behaviors such as sniffing or chewing in dogs.Once your dog gets good at using a puzzle toy, you can even try freezing the stuffed toy so getting all the food out takes even more of your dog’s time.Engage your dog in short, empowering, training exercises such as targeting your hand or a particular object, or learning “sit”, “down” and “come.For cats:.Offer their meals or treats in food puzzle toys for kitties. .

14 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You're At Work – The Dog

Here’s a list of 14 ways to keep your dog busy while you’re at work.The sights and sounds of barking dogs and mewing cats helps to stimulate your dog’s brain in a quiet house, keeping her from finding ways to get in trouble.Scatter a couple of handfuls of kibble in the areas where your dog hangs out during the day and she’ll have fun hunting her treats while you’re at work.You can also hide one of her meals or puzzle toy right before you leave home so that she learns to associate your leaving for the day with a positive – as opposed to a negative – emotion.-Apply a combination of calming essential oils (lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, wild orange, and frankincense – whichever smells best to you) on your pet’s bedding.-Give them a treat designed to promote rest and relaxation like all natural calming chews.This may keep your dog relaxed while you’re gone and help alleviate any barking issues that disturb the neighbors.If you sense that being alone causes anxiety in your dog, try using a dog-appeasing pheromone collar, spray, or diffuser.This pheromone will be familiar to your pup and create a sense of relaxation.Adopting or rescuing another dog as a companion to your furry friend helps both animals.Place your dog’s treats or some suitable food in an ice-cream container, fill with water, and freeze.As the ice melts, toys and treats become available for your dog.Make sure that both animals enjoy each other’s company and play well together before trying this activity.Leave your veterinarian’s name and phone number with the other pet parent just in case of an emergency.If your dog is well-socialized and enjoys the company of other pets, send her off to doggy daycare while you’re working.Reputable pet care facilities employ staff trained in ways to keep your pup safe and active.For those pet parents whose workdays run long, a dog walker may be the only way your pooch can get some much needed exercise.A new toy can add some excitement during the day while your dog is home alone.A tough chew toy that can’t be torn apart while you’re gone is best, just in case your dog likes to gobble things up.You'll even get a daily summary video with all of your dogs activities! .

How to Entertain Your Dog – Apartment Style!

Set your dog up with some chores!Invest in some food-dispensing toys and make your dog work for their meals.Sure, they might stare at you when they find their food bowl empty, but once they figure out the nifty new toy, it’s game on!If you have stairs in your apartment, entertain your dog by playing fetch with a soft toy, up and down the stairs.Experiencing new sights and smells on a regular basis is sometimes all it takes to keep your dog entertained. .

Toys to Keep Dogs Busy

Sadly, our dogs can’t always come with us—and, sometimes, we’ve all gotta leave the house!So what does your dog get up to when you leave them home alone?We’ve got some great suggestions for tricks and toys to keep dogs busy while you’re away.Shutting the blinds or curtains can help to reduce barking triggers.This compact, fan-based white noise maker has two speeds and comes with a one-year limited warranty.A durable dog toy can help distract your dog with play; just do your research and make sure the toy is safe for use when you’re not around to supervise (i.e., no choking or splintering hazards).The classic Nylabone is a good option to keep your dog busy gnawing away with plenty of dog-friendly flavors and a variety of size and toughness options.You can also move or add beds for the novelty factor.An interactive pet cam can be a fun splurge that provides a lot of entertainment mileage for both of you; it lets you watch and communicate with your dog from afar, and many pet cams offer features such as games and treat tossing.You can shoot treats at your pet, talk to them through the microphone, and sneak a peek at them while you’re away via the built-in camera.Furbo Dog Camera With this gadget, you can keep an eye on your dog when you’re away from home and even dispense a treat all via your phone.Fill the hollow of this ultra-durable rubber number with peanut butter, dog-safe stuffings, or treats (for a challenge, put it in the freezer—great if your dog needs stimulation for an extended period!).Colorful ball toys that dispense treats are a real hit with pet parents and their dogs.It also features adjustable levels of difficulty to keep things fresh.Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball You can adjust the difficulty level of this treat-dispensing ball to make it more or less challenging for your dog, Shop on Chewy.The Bob-A-Lot gets a thumbs-up from our larger dogs, stimulating their natural foraging instincts.Think empty milk jugs, a mat with lots of felt pieces, or a muffin tin filled with treats and covered in tennis balls to block easy access to the snacks.Want more information on preparing your dog for some quality alone time? .

Working From Home: Helping Your Dog Stay Busy (and Quiet)

It can be hard to stay on-task and feel like you're getting work done from your home office.Prep some food-stuffed toys before the work week begins and store them in your refrigerator or freezer.Make sure you use the right size of interactive toy for your dog.You can even throw in some veggies or fruits to mix it up.For some KONG stuffing inspiration, watch Cathy and Marissa show you four different recipes:.This way she's burning off some extra energy and stays busy while I sign on for our morning video team meeting.Start easy by just filling it with a small amount of dry food or treats so your dog is successful and doesn't give up.In fact, it's my favorite for dogs just beginning to use food puzzles or those that get frustrated with stuffed Kongs.I love this treat dispensing ball because my dog can roll it around without making a racket.Available in a variety of flavors and sizes, these chews are the perfect alternative to rawhide.There's something about the sound of her sniffing that puts me into a zen mood.For some dogs, this can be as simple as placing a dog bed near your desk, but for other pups, this close proximity to you might mean they are constantly seeking interaction.This time apart will do wonders in preventing separation anxiety for puppies whose people work from home.If your dog likes to let you know about every squirrel that mocks them through the window, make sure the blinds or curtains are drawn so their alert barking doesn't interrupt your work.Not only does exercise relieve stress, but it also helps to burn off excess energy for your dog.Watch Sookie, a 10-year-old Cardigan Corgi show you how it's done in this video.Tiring out your dog doesn't have to be all about physical exercise — their brains need a workout too!Watch PV pup, Mary Berry, the Goldendoodle show off her skills in this training video:.Need more ideas for brain games and other ways to keep your dog from getting bored?Puppy Ping Pong can be played inside or outside and is one of my favorite training games.This doesn't mean you can't go on extra walks or outside for a game of fetch, but you don't want to switch up their schedule too much, as this can trigger anxiety and stress.Keep your kitchen counters clean to prevent counter surfing and ingestion of toxic foods.We hope these tips help make your day-to-day easier as you work from home. .

Bored Dogs: How to Recognize Doggy Boredom (and Help!)

Bored dogs can be a problem for owners, too, as they’re more likely to get into trouble.In other words, lack of mental stimulation and exercise during the day leaves our dogs looking for something to do, and often it’s not something we approve of.“Idle paws often lead to unwanted behavior—getting into the trash, counter surfing, excessive digging,” Certified trainer and behaviorist Colleen Demling says.Dogs are intelligent animals, and some breeds more than others.In fact, most of these dogs were bred to complete a job.Nowadays, dogs are more likely to be companions than workhorses—and that’s messing with their mojo.(Pro tip: agility classes are great for dogs like these.).Stimulation not only prevents boredom, but also cultivates your dog’s personality and wards off stress.“Most dogs need at least a 45-minute walk or run in the morning.”.“It will not only make him more content, but it could save you tons of money in replacing your furniture or landscaping,” Demling adds.Turning mealtime into a game will help keep your dog entertained.Coren says dogs exhibit “neophilia,” or a preference for new toys—he says if dogs had their way, they’d get new toys every day!Bored dogs will look for inappropriate toys, so giving them a variety of approved playthings will help keep them out of the trash.You can also hide toys around the house or yard.“He will spend time ‘hunting’ for his rabbit while you are at work,” Demling says.Sit around the house all day with absolutely nothing to do and you’d get bored, too!Try some cool new toys or puzzles to keep your dog engaged and, of course, exercise always helps.Mixing up your dog’s routine will keep him stimulated and happy—and the house intact! .

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog's Brain Busy After Surgery

But here’s one thing you may not have considered: how to keep your dog entertained during recovery.If you have an active dog, you may be wondering, “How am I going to keep my crazy energetic dog calm, quiet, and happy for the 4-16 weeks they’re in recovery?” You may even be worried about them expressing their boredom with typical boredom response behaviors, such as chronic barking, licking, whining, jumping, destruction, or even depression.We’re here to tell you: keeping even the most energetic dogs healthy and happy during recovery is completely possible.The key to keeping your dog happy (and sane) during post-surgery recovery is mental stimulation.And for many dogs, this feeling of having a “job to do” is still very much within them.The good news is that there are hundreds of dog games and activities you can do with your pet to give them the mental stimulation they crave – whether they’re in recovery from surgery or not.While it’s not necessary to put your dog on rat-hunting duty or give them sheep to herd, playing brain games with your pup will challenge their cerebral cortex and give them the feeling of accomplishment they want and need.And if they’re recovering from surgery, it’s the perfect way to defeat boredom and release the energy they’d usually expend physically, so it doesn’t manifest in unhealthy ways.But just what this looks like depends on the specific type of surgery they’re undergoing.For example, dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery must move as little as possible, which may mean confining them to a crate or exercise pen and keeping them on a leash during potty breaks.This will ensure that during recovery, you can provide the right type of mental stimulation without overdoing it.This is a great game to play with dogs with limited mobility over a longer period of time since it evolves to get more difficult as they get better at it.Also, be conscious of how many extra calories you’re giving your pup during their post-surgery recovery.You can learn the basics of how and why to massage your dog here.Canine massage can also be a wonderful form of therapy for dogs during their rehabilitation process.Again, if you give edible treats, be sure not to overdo it so your dog doesn’t gain excess weight.This is a simple trick that can make all the difference in preventing boredom during your dog’s recovery.Your dog will be delighted to have an exciting “new” toy every day of their recovery.A simple search of “app games for dogs” will bring up plenty of results, but the best touch screen games for dogs simply require taps or nuzzles to play and can be divided into 4 categories:.These apps use nose or paw touches on the screen to create your dog’s own original artwork.These apps prompt your dog to “answer” simple questions by touching a yes or no button.Start by teaching them the nose bump, simply by offering your open palm and when they bump it with their nose, encourage the behavior with a “yes!” and a small, healthy treat.Your dog now has the basic skills to play any app you select for them.For example, some dogs may become frustrated by “chase” games, since they can never actually physically catch the critter.Pay close attention to your dog’s reaction, and if the app you’re using seems more frustrating than fun, simply try a different type! .



Who Sells Kong Dog Toys Near Me

Who Sells Kong Dog Toys Near Me.

Fritz was immediately taken with a rubber suspension part and dropped it in Joe’s lap to play.Joe had discovered the ideal shape and material for an innovative line of dog toys, plus a variety of cat toys as well.Chewy also has many KONG toys made for cats, such as interactive cat toys, teasers, cat toy balls, cat scratchers, laser cat toys, catnip toys, and more.

Dog Toys For Teacup Puppies

Dog Toys For Teacup Puppies.

During a puppy’s period of rapid development, from 2-months-old to 10-months-old, it’s important to give them appropriate toys, and both dog breed and personality can play a role in what toys might become your pup’s favorites.Teething toys soothe your puppy, while giving you an opportunity to teach them what they can and can’t chew on.Size is also an important consideration, as toys made for the small mouths of an 8-to-10-week-old puppy may cause a 6-to-9 month-old to choke.If you want a teething toy that freshens breath and cleans teeth at the same time, this Nylabone dinosaur is the solution for you.

How To Make Dog Toys From Old Shirts

How To Make Dog Toys From Old Shirts.

Then turn them into something useful and make these 5 different T-shirt dog toys that your pup will love!For most of the following DIY T-shirt dog toys I used 6 sleeves and 3 fabric strips that were leftover from my refashioned T-shirt skirt.For the donut shaped dog toy, I used a cut-off sleeve leftover from my 1920s-style refashioned middy blouse.And I made the jellyfish dog toy with leftover fabric from my dress to top refashion.Since May 1 there’s a little black GSD puppy in my life (more pictures of her on her instagram account) Because she’s a puppy and teething at the moment, she chews on everything at the moment.Here‘s a video of how to tie crown knots.Tie together two T-shirt strips with a series of square knots.For the nautical donut dog toy or life ring dog toy, you’ll need a cut-off sleeve, leggings leg or socks with the toes cut off.