How To Brush Out A Matted Dog

How To Brush Out A Matted Dog
Edward R. Forte October 21, 2021


How To Brush Out A Matted Dog

Mats occur frequently in many dog breeds with curly, fine, or double coats.Let's look at why your dog's coat is forming mats and things you can do to keep them at bay.There are a few dog breeds whose coats are meant to be "corded" — where their coat is meticulously groomed by hand to form dreadlocks or cords.Breeds that have long coats, curly coats, or fine fur should be brushed more often, even daily in some cases, while other coat types might only need once a week.If you only focus on the top layer of your dog's fur, your brushing is actually pushing any loose fur and tangles down closer to the skin.You can avoid this by using the correct brush for your dog's coat type — such as an undercoat rake if your dog has a double coat, or a rotating pin comb or slicker brush if your dog has a single layer curly coat.Using a detangling leave-in conditioning spray can make brushing easier as well, especially if your dog has a long coat that tangles easily.Make Regular Appointments With Your Professional Groomer.Even with regular at-home brushing, their fine fur becomes matted very quickly, especially after it gets wet.If you want to keep your dog's coat long, these maintenance appointments are essential, paired with daily brushing to prevent matting.Even when done by a professional, mat removal can be very uncomfortable for the dog, and you don't want your dog associating that the groomer means a painful brush out or full shave every visit.Many dog owners think their double-coated breed will be cooler in the heat if they shave their coat, but shaving their outer coat down actually has the opposite effect!Pro Tip: Do NOT shave a dog with a double-coat unless you have been directed to do so by your veterinarian.If you've found a mat or area of matting while brushing your dog, there are a few things you can do depending on the severity of the mat.You can try to pick at the mat with a comb or slicker brush, but this can be very painful for your dog.You never want to pull the mat up from the skin and then cut underneath, as their extended skin can get snipped off as well.Use Grooming Clippers to Shave Out Mats.To help prevent obvious shaved spots in their coat, hold the end of the mat firmly with your fingers and work at the mat with the clippers from the base outwards and peel it off in layers with the blade.This technique only works for isolated mats, such as mats behind the ears — if your dog has more widespread matting over their body, it's best to see your groomer for a full-body trim rather than try to remove them at home.There are a couple of options that you can discuss with your groomer for matting:.Shave the matted areas shorter, while leaving the rest of the coat at the desired length — while they will try to blend these shorter areas, it's often obvious where the coat is shorter.Overall, the best thing you can do is prevent mats from forming with regular brushing and coat maintenance (including keeping your pets on safe and effective medications to prevent fleas and other parasites from their coat). .

What Your Groomer Wants You To Know About Matting

It's a painful condition that can lead to other health concerns such as infections or skin irritations and can also mask other health issues or parasites.Some dogs have coats that are higher maintenance and more vulnerable to matting.Any long hair dog can get matting, but certain breeds and coat types are more prone to matting, such as Poodles, Doodles, Curly coats, Cocker Spaniels, Bishon, ShihTzu and any variation of these breeds.(It is recommended that you always brush and remove mats before getting your dog wet!).Therefore this should only be done if the matting is mild.If you detect some mild matting in your dog, do NOT bathe them!Early treatment of the mats will help prevent skin conditions and may salvage some hair length.In many cases, this means shaving the mats out of your dog.Therefore, shaving a matted dog must be done slowly with utmost care.Please do not ask us to just "cut out the mats" when your dog is matted.This is dangerous, and we will only remove mats with clippers for the safety of your dog.If your dog has severe pelting, this is not something we can brush out.Prevention is the best way to deal with a mat -Avoid getting them!Diet - A strong healthy coat relies on proper nutrition to stay in peak condition.Slicker brushes – These have fine wire bristles that bend and are great for long heavy-coated dogs.There are different sizes and designs based on your dogs' coat length.The time between baths will vary by dog but using a gentle shampoo and moisturizing conditioner will help keep their skin and coat in the best condition.These products have an improper pH level for pets and can contribution to dry flaky skin.Using a moisture or detangling spray can help prevent static electricity, which contributes to matting.Getting your dog's hair cut every 4-6 weeks will help keep them at a manageable length.Dematting of severely matted dogs is inhumane and not a service that we will offer. .

8 Steps to Untangle Matted Dog Hair with Cowboy Magic

A dematting tool, a mat splitting tool and a slicker brush are your best friends when taking on mats and tangles.Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine helps loosen the hair caught up in mats and tangles.Find the mats and tangles.Start the detangling and dematting process by applying Detangler & Shine to areas of the coat that are matted or tangled.If you can’t break through the mat after working on it for a considerable amount of time, use the mat splitting tool to cut through the mat.When you have removed as much of the tangle or mat as you can, use the slicker brush to finish the job.For mats, brush in the direction the hair grows, adding more Detangler & Shine™ if necessary to loosen the hairs.Once you have removed as many of the mats and tangles you can, give your dog a bath.Be sure all the mats and tangles are gone before you wet your dog, as water will make a tangle worse and a mat tighter and harder to get out.To help prevent mats and tangles from coming back, apply Detangler & Shine to your dog’s coat after he’s completely dry.Or, if you have a good pair of clippers and know how to use them, you can do it yourself.With the right dog grooming tools, products and procedures at your fingertips, you can keep mats and tangles at bay, even if your dog is prone to them. .

Pet Grooming: How to Handle Matting in Dogs and Cats

Try as you may to keep up with your pet’s grooming needs, chances are you may face a hairy situation from time to time: matted fur.Here’s a breakdown of the most common reasons why pets get matted hair.Individual hairs rub together every time your pet moves, says Brooke Strong, a groomer with Reserved Barking in Alexandria, Virginia, and unless the coat is short or brushed regularly, mats are bound to form.“Pets get matted fur either from having long fur that is not combed out frequently, or in cats, it’s more common when they stop grooming themselves due to discomfort or illness,” says Dr.Stephanie Liff, DVM, medical director of Pure Paws Vet Care in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York.Also keep in mind that non-shedding, long-haired pets, like Poodles or Doodle breeds, or those with a thick undercoat are more prone to matting, and therefore will likely have extensive grooming needs.Strong says that these environmental factors can also lead to an increase in matting:.Matting may also hide underlying problems like fleas and skin conditions, says Valerie Lopez, a professional groomer with the spcaLA grooming salon, so it’s important to take it seriously.Liff says, “When removed with combs, you just don’t make enough progress, and the pet will lose patience or be injured by this.”.If you’re interested in trying to remove your pet’s mats at home, Dr.Scissors are not recommended because pets don’t always stand completely still.You could easily cut your pet since mats are stuck so close to the skin’s surface.“Oftentimes, when removed with scissors, the skin will be sliced,” says Dr.For cats, she finds that using a shedding tool can be helpful, but electric clippers should be your second resort if the shedding tool alone doesn’t work.Also, make sure the clippers are disinfected after use with an appropriate “clippercide” to avoid bacterial and fungal infections.Cats will get sick from licking these products off their coat when they groom themselves.”.If you don’t have the correct tools at home (like a good pair of safe clippers), you aren’t sure exactly which shampoos or conditioners are safe for your pet, or you can’t get your pet to sit still long enough to complete the entire process, seek professional grooming help. .

Dog Detangler: How to Remove Dog Hair Mats

A good everyday grooming tool with thin wires, which can help work out most mats.A good everyday grooming tool with thin wires, which can help work out most mats.If your dog is impossibly matted all over, a full-body shave may be the least painful option.But don’t worry, their coat will grow back and you can keep it silky this time.Visit the PetSmart Grooming Salon page to find a professionally trained pet stylist near you. .

Matted Dog? Ten Tips for Removing Mats from your dog's Coat

Tips For Removing Mats From Your Long Haired Dog.First of all, don’t panic—if you have a small breed dog that has long hair, you will probably encounter a tangle or mat at some point.All dogs need to be brushed from time to time, even short haired dogs.Rather than the occasional brushing that a shot haired dog requires, owners with dogs such as poodles, Shih Tzu, Lhasa, Maltese, Yorkies, Bichons, Pekingese, Poms and many others have coats that require daily brushing.If such a breed goes too long without a thorough brush and comb out, mats are going to take over.When this happens, the dog bites at its skin or tries to scratch causing the mat to grow in size and the hair to get even more tangled.Small mats or knots are easy to remove if the dog is brushed daily or several times a week.If you want to do this yourself, removing hair from paw pads can be accomplished by either scissors or clippers.Since the skin between the pads is very sensitive, I recommend a clipper rather than scissors.An often neglected area that can mat easily is around the anus on long coated dogs.You can also use a pair of scissors with blunt tips, but be especially careful in this area.So the best advice for a matted dog is prevention!But, what do you do if the daily schedule has prevented you from your usual brushing and combing sessions and you end up with a matted dog?Never Brush a Dry Coat.Use a pin brush and part the hair with a rat tail comb so that you are brushing small sections at a time.Brushing in one area, even if you know that knots are present, only tends to irritate the skin (and the dog).To remove slightly larger mats, use the end of a steel comb and pull gently through the mat as you hold the hair closest to the skin with your fingers.Carefully move the de-matting comb through the mat, holding the hair closest to the skin to prevent pulling the mat and causing pain to the dog.Never cut into a mat with a pair of scissors as it is likely you could cut the dog’s skin if the dog were to suddenly move.A very large mat can be removed by first placing the scissor blade nearest the skin and cutting the mat in half as you cut outwards towards the ends of the hair.If you have a severely matted dog, you can try this technique several times to get the mat down to a manageable size.If you have a matted dog that does not sit still for grooming, avoid the scissors altogether.Don't try to dry your dog by vigorously rubbing with the towel.For long coated dogs whose hair tends to mat, use a blow dryer after a bath to dry the hair.Use your pin brush as you dry your dog's hair, one section at a time.Brush or comb a section of hair as you are drying the hair.Tip: If you don't have a dryer with a stand, fold up several small towels.Place the dryer on the towels as you use your hands to brush the dog.IF your dog is really matted, it is better to shave him down or have the groomer do this rather than subjecting him to any painful de-matting. .

Matted Dog Hair: Expert Grooming Tips

Well, it’s just as important for your dog.The main problem you get when you don’t brush your dog’s coat is matting.This is a normal process for every dog but is also a very common time to see matting because the soft puppy coat will tangle with the new adult hair.These dogs will have hair that tends to be on the thinner side, and they don’t usually have an undercoat.These dogs may have a mixture of hair that can be difficult to maintain and lead to mats.This depends on several factors including how thick the mats are, where they are located, what percentage of your dog is matted and their sensitivity to brushing and grooming.This way our stylists can help point out the degree of matting and recommend solutions.If your dog is active, these tend to be the first areas that hair rubs together, gets tangled and mats up.Depending on how tight these mats get or how sensitive your dog is, your groomer may try and brush them out.Because these mats are in sensitive areas, most groomers will take electric dog hair clippers with a very safe blade and do what we call a “spot shave” on the affected areas.In most cases, moderate matting would cover a larger area of the dog and include light, isolated matting.This matting would not be directly on your dog’s skin and a groomer could potentially brush it out gently using a soft slicker brush and a conditioning spray to reduce damage to the hair, so it does not mat right back up.When you touch a dog with heavy matting, it will feel like the dog is wearing a coat and it can be very difficult to reach their skin.You may ask, “Why can’t the matts be brushed or even cut out?” Brushing them out could take hours and the hair will be so damaged that it will tangle again right away.How to Prevent Matting in Dogs Between Grooms.It’s important to remember that these fun activities can also cause matting.It’s always a good idea that after any play time, swim time or removing clothing, you run a brush through your dog’s coat to help avoid any mats forming.Regardless of what breed of dog you have, it’s important to brush your dog regularly.If you brush and maintain your dog’s coat every day, then the process will become quick, easy and pain-free for your pet.What Brushes Can I Use to Help Prevent Matting on My Dog?There are two main dog dematting tools that will work on any coat that can become matted: A slicker brush is a metal- pinned brush that is specifically designed to be used on dogs and cats and a greyhound comb is a long, thin metal comb.The skin in these areas is much too sensitive and you don’t want brushing to cause any injuries.The skin in these areas is much too sensitive and you don’t want brushing to cause any injuries.If you come across a tangle, try not to tug at it too much as this will be painful for your pet.What If My Dog Has a Mat That I Can’t Brush Out?Using scissors can actually cause you to cut your dog’s skin because you cannot safely see through or under the mat.During this process, they will be able to check the condition of your dog’s coat and explain to you what your grooming options are. .

How to Groom a Matted Dog

This matting on a dog can cause the skin to pull because of the tension of the fur which will then result in the dog licking that area to try to relieve himself of the irritation or pain.The best way to tell if your dog is matted is by gliding a comb or brush from the skin to the outer coat.However, if the comb or brush gets stuck and you can’t get it through then you will know that the coat has started to matt up.If you choose to try using this method to untangle your dog then it will take some patience and if the dog is matted all over then it may need to be done several sessions as the dog may not be able to tolerate having it done all at once.Coat Handler Antistatic Detangler Spray is a fabulous finishing and scissoring spray that will not cause skin irritations or build-up. .



Can I Groom My Dog With Human Clippers

Can I Groom My Dog With Human Clippers.

There are some exceptions where using human clippers are just about acceptable, and if there’s some kind of grooming emergency, it can be better than having to wait until you can get your hands on a more appropriate tool.However, if you have a dog which needs regular grooming, especially one which has long or thick fur, it pays to be prepared by investing in dedicated grooming tools to keep your dog’s fur in tip- top condition.Known as a single coat, dogs with this type of fur don’t have an undercoat and only have an outer coat, which tends to be fine and not too far removed from human-like hair.Most human clippers are designed to be used for much shorter lengths of time, since it doesn’t take as long to sort out a human’s head of hair than an entire dog’s body.Most dog clippers are also cordless, which can come in handy when trying to deal with an awkward or wriggly dog, whereas it’s a lot more common for human clippers to be corded (especially those with a more powerful motor).Generally speaking, it’s best if you use dog clippers to groom your pooch.Human clippers may make the job more difficult than is necessary, so it’s not only good for your pet that you invest in a dedicated pair, but it’s likely to cause less stress for you too.One exception is puppies: you can use human nail clippers on young puppies' nails if you feel confident, but it won't be long until they're too thick to cut without the right tool for the job.There are several types of dog hair clippers on the market, but as a good rule of thumb, you should be looking for cordless clippers that offer quiet / low vibrations and if possible offer other useful extras such as variable speeds and the ability to cut to different coat lengths.

How To Shave A Matted Dog With Clippers

How To Shave A Matted Dog With Clippers.

If it glides easily through the coat then there is no indication of matting.However, if the comb or brush gets stuck and you can’t get it through then you will know that the coat has started to matt up.If it is not brushed every day, this fur will just accumulate and during the course of everyday life, will entangle and knot up.If you choose to try using this method to untangle your dog then it will take some patience and if the dog is matted all over then it may need to be done several sessions as the dog may not be able to tolerate having it done all at once.Features include: Subtle melon fragrance; Contains no silicones, lanolins, oils or alcohol; Safe for dogs and horses.

Dog Grooming Vans For Sale Australia

Dog Grooming Vans For Sale Australia.

These cool, quirky and creative mobile pet grooming vans can travel many styles per hour when your mutt needs a cutt or the cat can use a clipping.According to the photographer, “pet-pet” in Cantonese means “butt” but we'll assume the service covers ALL parts of your pet, not just that one.Indeed, these things are best left to professionals (or to cats – it's what they do best) though the above service's model looks less than pleased with the entire concept.We must be in Australia, where these El Camino-like vehicles are iconic and HydroDog mobile dog grooming & washing franchises are for sale – at least, one in Matraville is.Hopefully no clients were forgotten inside...