Dog Grooming Equipment For Sale Near Me

Dog Grooming Equipment For Sale Near Me
Edward R. Forte October 22, 2021


Dog Grooming Equipment For Sale Near Me

SCAM WARNING FOR SELLERS - PLEASE READ Buyers beware those that want to send you funds (maybe overpay and ask for refund of the difference) and/or have someone else pick it up.Be especially careful if you go ahead and take a check and they overpay OR involve a 3rd party coming by to get product.We encourage you to not accept personal or cashiers checks.Get a telephone number of the buyer, more outside USA scammers won't give you one.If you get a number call them and verify it is there and their phone, that could help, yet, this does not mean checks won't bounce, even bank checks that appear real but are not.HOW TO GET THAT PROTECTION Fortunately if you have a Paypal account, you MAY get BUYER PROTECTION by making your payment to sellers via Paypal.Always check first before making a payment to ensure that Paypal buyer protection applies to your intended purchase, there are limitations and conditions which apply.It can be a Paypal online invoice from the sellers Paypal account, or an invoice created by the seller [email protected] 10/19/21 Groomer Retiring End of Year - PA Everything must go.Send inquires to [email protected] 10/19/21 Lightly Used Andis Purple Galaxy Pulse ZRII - PA Andis Pulse ZRII cordless clippers, in the purple galaxy color.I got these a few months before the pandemic, then decided to retire from grooming.Installed a back door for better cleaning of motor.Hose is included just need a new swivel that goes on the end of the hose which is $16 from Hanvey.danicatwork (at) 9/24/21 Hardly Used Geib Buttercut Curved Chunkers - MI I no longer need my Geib Buttercut Black Pearl 7” curved chunkers as I used them for a few snips and didn’t like them.9/10/21 Retired Groomer Liquidation - CA SOLD [email protected] 9/6/21 Hardly Used Geib Buttercut Curved Chunkers - MI I no longer need my Geib Buttercut Black Pearl 7” curved chunkers as I used them for a few snips and didn’t like them.8/31/21 Used Dryer, Hydraulic Table and Large Dog Tub - MI I have a used K9 blower/dryer, hydraulic table and large dog tub.The Groomer I had was old school and never used it.They are currently about $1450 new so I am willing to sell it for $800 plus shipping/ or best offer.I am located in the SF Bay Area in Walnut Creek, CA 8/31/21 Marinco 50 Cord with Plug Adapter $95 - S. California This cord makes possible to plug in your Wagn tails unit or the like to regular house outlets.- PA I have 8 different patterns of 44 inch wide, cotton fabric with Hanukkah motifs.Currently set up with remote switch for wag n tails van.So it is an easy addition to a WnT van.But that can easily removed and used in a shop.For more info text 323-546-4103 or email at [email protected] 7/28/21 Purple Dragon Thinners - CA 7 inch left handed thinning shears.Text at 323-546-4103 or email at [email protected] for more info or pictures 7/28/21 Almost New Kenchii Scorpions (Various) - WA 1 month of use Kenchii Scorpion Straights 8" (just too heavy for my arthritic hands).The micro serattion has been taken off by master sharpener to see if i could use them better but can easily be put back on.Will bundle and sell all at extremely discounted prices.Please text Heather 425-785-5988 or email [email protected] 7/25/21 16" Channel Letters Sign - Pet Salon - TX Blue lit 16" channel letter sign that says Pet Salon.Two 2 speed Andis professional dog grooming clippers p. Used [email protected] 7/20/21 Romani Clipper Vac Mini - CA SOLD 7/18/21 Pet Store Closing All Grooming Equipment Fire Sale - Brooklyn We have three pump grooming tables for sale also four under the table dryers and one stand dryer.Some grooming equipment such as clippers all brands and blades.If interested call 917-416-8853 7/14/21 Grooming Salon Downsizing - Equipment Available Mt.Juliet (Nashville) - TN Salon Downsizing to grooming cats and handful of dogs.Hair kennel dryer with hoses, lots of ribbon and fabric.Local pick up for large items, but can deliver along 81 Bristol TN to Winchester VA, or North I65 TN/KY, I64 KY/WV, I79/i65 WV & MD next month.Metal pans, no plastic, pick up only, located in Chicago suburbs.Contact: [email protected] 7/7/21 Used Hairjet Vacuum Clipper by Galaxie - NJ Groomer's lease came to an end.Barber pole lights up and turns [email protected] 6/24/21 SHARK FIN Shears!- PA *9 inch, Super Swivel, straight blade, Shark Fin Shears.I paid close to $400 for each of these shears.Email: [email protected] *9 inch, Super Swivel, straight blade, Shark Fin Shears.I paid close to $400 for each of these [email protected] 6/21/21 Wet Table - ID Millwork Cabinet Bi-Level Wet Table, 60”L x 36”H x 24”D w/ Stainless Steal prep rack, 2 drawers, knee space: R/L, Deck Mount Faucet, Brass, two lever action handles, aluminum angled sprayer w/84” heavy duty vinyl hose, Laminar Flow Regulator and 044A adapter.Also included: ROW Medical 38-10 Doctor exam swivel stool w/ foot ring, Agate Blue and Welch-Allyn LS200 wall mount treatment light.I am also selling Z style foot pump grooming table.Please text if interested 916-504-7154 6/13/22 Very Slightly Used Batherbox, Practically New! .

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When it's quality pet grooming equipment, you can feel the difference.A good product brand name generates a sense of professionalism and credibility which carries over to your professional service.Our groomers apparel is specially designed to fit the way grooming wear is supposed to fit. .

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Watch our video below to learn more about Well Groomed Pets.Our suite of proprietary smart technology delivers powerful operational and marketing advantages over any other grooming business in the industry.We invite you to come learn how three of our primary technologies (affectionately named after our pets- BELLA, CHESTER, AND GUS) simplify store operations to a point that allows owners to operate multiple Well Groomed Pet's stores easier than running one traditional grooming business.Using proprietary algorithms, we have created a wellness program that delivers massive customer loyalty while driving multiple revenue streams for store owners.Frankly, you will have an unfair competitive advantage with this team behind your business.Our vision is designed to create more wealth for grooming business owners while at the same time reducing operational burdens to a fraction of the time they take in other grooming salons.We seek 300 franchise partners who want to own 3-5 locations in the next 3-5 years. .

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You can turn brushing or bathing into regular bonding time, and groom to be in tune with your pet’s health.Discover the different dog grooming supplies at PetSmart to choose what your pup needs!Pet owners that handle their dog’s grooming at home can find everything from nail clippers and shampoo to dryers.Be aware of special conditions to help narrow down your search for dog grooming supplies. .

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We are aware of this issue and our team is working hard to resolve the matter. .



Can I Groom My Dog With Human Clippers

Can I Groom My Dog With Human Clippers.

There are some exceptions where using human clippers are just about acceptable, and if there’s some kind of grooming emergency, it can be better than having to wait until you can get your hands on a more appropriate tool.However, if you have a dog which needs regular grooming, especially one which has long or thick fur, it pays to be prepared by investing in dedicated grooming tools to keep your dog’s fur in tip- top condition.Known as a single coat, dogs with this type of fur don’t have an undercoat and only have an outer coat, which tends to be fine and not too far removed from human-like hair.Most human clippers are designed to be used for much shorter lengths of time, since it doesn’t take as long to sort out a human’s head of hair than an entire dog’s body.Most dog clippers are also cordless, which can come in handy when trying to deal with an awkward or wriggly dog, whereas it’s a lot more common for human clippers to be corded (especially those with a more powerful motor).Generally speaking, it’s best if you use dog clippers to groom your pooch.Human clippers may make the job more difficult than is necessary, so it’s not only good for your pet that you invest in a dedicated pair, but it’s likely to cause less stress for you too.One exception is puppies: you can use human nail clippers on young puppies' nails if you feel confident, but it won't be long until they're too thick to cut without the right tool for the job.There are several types of dog hair clippers on the market, but as a good rule of thumb, you should be looking for cordless clippers that offer quiet / low vibrations and if possible offer other useful extras such as variable speeds and the ability to cut to different coat lengths.

How To Shave A Matted Dog With Clippers

How To Shave A Matted Dog With Clippers.

If it glides easily through the coat then there is no indication of matting.However, if the comb or brush gets stuck and you can’t get it through then you will know that the coat has started to matt up.If it is not brushed every day, this fur will just accumulate and during the course of everyday life, will entangle and knot up.If you choose to try using this method to untangle your dog then it will take some patience and if the dog is matted all over then it may need to be done several sessions as the dog may not be able to tolerate having it done all at once.Features include: Subtle melon fragrance; Contains no silicones, lanolins, oils or alcohol; Safe for dogs and horses.

Dog Grooming Vans For Sale Australia

Dog Grooming Vans For Sale Australia.

These cool, quirky and creative mobile pet grooming vans can travel many styles per hour when your mutt needs a cutt or the cat can use a clipping.According to the photographer, “pet-pet” in Cantonese means “butt” but we'll assume the service covers ALL parts of your pet, not just that one.Indeed, these things are best left to professionals (or to cats – it's what they do best) though the above service's model looks less than pleased with the entire concept.We must be in Australia, where these El Camino-like vehicles are iconic and HydroDog mobile dog grooming & washing franchises are for sale – at least, one in Matraville is.Hopefully no clients were forgotten inside...