Do You Need A Stair Gate For A Puppy

Do You Need A Stair Gate For A Puppy
Edward R. Forte October 27, 2021

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Do You Need A Stair Gate For A Puppy

Today we are blessed with a whole range of pet gates, and pet barriers designed for the home to bring security to those puppies unsure of their surroundings and for those nervous pups who have not long left their mothers side.One thing every dog has in common is that they are sociable animals who love the company of adults and children.If you do decide a pet pen is the right choice for you, consider putting toys inside the pen to keep your pet entertained and comfortable, particularly when they are left alone.Today we have more choice in pet gates than ever before.For larger, more robust dogs, an extra tall gate will be best, they can be screw fitted or pressure fitted and adapted with gate extensions to fit larger doorways where needed.The choice of barriers for puppies is huge and can range from a puppy guard for narrow doorways up to large room dividers that enable you to divide a room into approved areas of your home your pet is free to enter and zones where no pets are allowed.There are so many gate sizes available for various doorways and unusual spaces that it’s always best practice to measure up carefully.Puppies can be a lot of work in the early days and training your puppy at home with the help of pet gates and pet pens can help your pup to grow into a calm, secure, well trained and much loved four legged companion. .

Dog Training 101: 5 Reasons to Use Baby Gates

Using baby gates can be an effective dog training tool to manage your dog’s environment and keep them from practicing behaviors you don’t like in your house.For example, if you have new carpet in the living room and don’t want your dog messing it up, put up a baby gate so your dog can’t get in that room.Even if your dog is starting to get the hang of potty training, it doesn’t mean they are ready to have full run of the house.Keep your dog in the room you are in by using baby gates.If you are up for multi-tasking, you can work on or reinforce your dog’s “go to place” command while they are behind the gate and encourage them to rest on their bed while keeping an eye on you.Put your dog’s bed in there and block it off with a baby gate.You’ll also want to make sure that the gate or divider is stable so that it doesn’t fall over with a big noise or on top of them if they give it a shove. .

The Best Dog Gates and Playpens (Even For Escape Artists)

A dog gate or playpen can be a useful tool for dog parents, whether you need one to keep your dog away from potential hazards or simply to confine him in a certain area so he can’t get into trouble.How tall does the gate need to be to prevent your dog from stepping or jumping over it?To help you answer these questions, here is a quick overview of the most common types of dog gates:.Hinged Dog Gates: These gates can often stand on their own and can be linked to create a playpen, if desired.Walk-Through Dog Gates: Perfect for more permanent applications, walk-through pet gates can be freestanding, tension, or hinged gates with a walk-through door for convenience.The best dog gate for your home will depend on your dog’s size and temperament as well as the intended location of the gate and what you plan to use it for.Also, if you need a barrier that won’t be a headache to relocate, this could be the gate for you. Lightweight and pressure-mounted, it’s simple to move from room to room.For some dogs, a visible barrier is all it takes to keep them out.If you’re looking for a simple but sturdy freestanding dog gate, the Pawland Wooden Freestanding Foldable Dog Gate is tall enough to keep puppies and small dogs in their place but easy enough for you to step over.It features a folding design that fits a wide variety of openings and it has a wood finish with nonslip rubber feet to protect your flooring.There are plenty of heavy-duty dog gates on the market, but they can fetch a hefty price.Another affordable option in pressure-mounted dog gates, this barrier is made from heavy-duty steel.It fits standard doorways, extending from 29 to 31.5 inches, and stands 29.5 inches tall to keep dogs from jumping over it.A dog gate works well to keep your dog out of certain areas, but what if you’re trying to keep them contained to a more limited space?Iris 8-Panel Plastic Exercise Dog Playpen Made from durable plastic, this pen offers 21 square feet of room plus a steel latch door.Frisco Configurable Playpen and Gate A configurable gate (or pen) for dog owners who need versatility.Dog gates can also be used in your vehicle to create a separate compartment to keep you distraction-free and safely confine your dog for drives to the park or longer road trips.Pawple Pet Barrier for Vehicles Contain your pet on the road with this steel-frame vehicle barrier.With a dog gate, your dog has a higher degree of freedom over what they have in a crate while still staying safe and out of trouble when you’re not able to supervise.To learn more about how to occupy your dog when you’re not around, check out our handy guide to keeping your dog busy. .

How to Train Your Dog to Not Go Upstairs

There is a lot of information, but it should help you with this process.Just as some people prefer gifts, touch, or time spent together, puppies can be the same way.They should also go out after napping, chewing, playing, and within 10 to 15 minutes of eating.Although some puppies can sleep for seven hours, it is important to set an alarm and take your pup out during the night.Every animal may have a different “I gotta go” gesture, which often include restlessness, sniffing around, circling, scratching at the door, barking, and, eventually, squatting.After your puppy goes to the bathroom, lavishly praise them and offer a treat.Thoroughly clean up accidents, so your puppy is not attracted to this area again.Depending on the age of your puppy, they will eat three to four times a day.What NOT to Do Don’t punish your puppy when they have an accident.It is important to give your puppy a reward for their good behavior.The treat should be exciting for them and only available as a result of good behavior.Crate training can take days or weeks, depending on your dog's age, temperament and past experiences.It's important to keep two things in mind while crate training: The crate should always be associated with something pleasant and training should take place in a series of small steps.Some dogs will be naturally curious and start sleeping in the crate right away.Step 3: Practice with longer crating periods After your dog is eating their regular meals in the crate with no sign of fear or anxiety, you can confine them there for short time periods while you're home.Return, sit quietly again for a short time and then let them out.You might also want to leave them with a few safe toys in the crate.Praise your dog briefly, give them a treat for entering the crate and then leave quietly.When you return home, don't reward your dog for excited behavior by responding to them in an enthusiastic way.Keep arrivals low-key to avoid increasing their anxiety over when you will return.Older dogs should also initially be kept nearby so they don't associate the crate with social isolation.If your dog is just testing you, they'll probably stop whining soon.Yelling at them or pounding on the crate will only make things worse.Separation anxiety problems can only be resolved with counterconditioning and desensitization procedures. .

How Are Baby Gates Different from Pet Gates?

While some safety gates are suitable for both pets and babies, there are baby gates that might not be big, strong, or high enough to contain large breed dogs, and there are pet gates that are not always sufficiently secure for children.Factors to consider include weight, durability, and height, as well as whether they are freestanding, screwed into the wall, or pressure mounted.Both pet and baby gates are made from a variety of materials, primarily metal and wood, and both may be equally acceptable for either use.In most instances, hardware mounted gates may be suitable for pet or baby safety and protection.Cardinal Gates has a range of baby gates including those that are hardware-mounted, pressure-mounted, explicitly manufactured for stairs and for outdoor use, as well as expandable baby gates.The MG-25 is also suitable for both pet and baby safety.The freestanding 4PG model, available in oak, walnut, or a white-painted finish, is only suitable for animals, as is the SG-1, a step-over gate designed for small breeds and puppies.Whether you are looking for a gate to keep your pets or children safe, Cardinal Gates has a choice of attractive models that are both durable and easy to install. .

Indoor Dog Fence

Indoor Dog Fence – The Solution To Stair Gates.An indoor dog fence for a dog in your home is essential.The Solution to Stair Gates.The Indoor invisible fence is the solution you need!Take a look at our indoor dog fence page for further information or get in touch to speak to our team and discuss a solution for your indoor pet containment needs. .

The Best Dog Gates

The Cardinal Gates SS-30 Stairway Special screws directly into your wall studs, so it's more secure and sturdier than pressure-mounted gates, and it's easier to install than most other gates of either variety.Not even the craftiest of dogs can barrel through or open it, but it’s easy enough to use that you can open it without breaking your stride.That said, it’s easy to install, it locks automatically behind you (unlike our main pick), and it’s still more secure than the competition.It’s not necessary for most dogs, and it still won’t stop most cats, but if you have a very tall or overly acrobatic pet it could be just enough of an obstacle. .



What To Use For Dog Pen Floor

What To Use For Dog Pen Floor.

You won't have an installation or purchasing costs associated with using what's available.It can become very hot though if you live in a warmer climate.Wood Flooring for Your Dog Some owners lay wooden platforms down on the ground in their runs.The platforms are usually placed over gravel, rocks or concrete so water can drain when you're cleaning it.Pricing varies depending on your design but a 5x8 foot composite board is about $12 to $15 each.River Rock River rock can also be a better option for dogs as they are flat and smooth and there's less chance your dog can break a nail or hurt their paws.They are also harder for your dog to dig up because of their size.Concrete Dog Run Floor The benefit of using concrete is that you can slope it so that water runs down to a drain area which is very useful during cleaning.If you choose concrete, an option would be to provide an area for your dogs to relax that is not concrete, such as a wooden or composite deck platform, rubber matting or a raised dog bed and even a small wading pool in the summer so they can cool off their feet.Concrete runs about $2 per square foot although your costs will vary depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor.You can also get kennel mat kits sold in specific sizes that are about $2.50 per square foot.You can also purchase vinyl mats which run about $3 per square foot.

Dog Gate With Walk Through Door

Dog Gate With Walk Through Door.

Whether it's to section off your pet from the new baby, your kitty's cat food, guests, your bed or for training purposes, the best dog gates help block off areas that are off-limits.The best dog gates create a safe space and set limits for your dog.So whether you are in the market for a new dog door, some new dog food, dog toys or even dog treats Chewy's online pet store is where you can find great deals on all of your dog supplies!Dog gates are used for creating no-go areas of your home, but they can also be used to designate play areas, to create a safe space for your pup when you have company and more.Some even fold up to become an enclosed playpen area for your canine.Many people use gates to block off stairs or other dangerous areas, too, and gates can be especially helpful for creating boundaries when you have a puppy.A dog gate should be tall enough that your dog can’t walk or jump over it.

Dog Gate For Christmas Tree

Dog Gate For Christmas Tree.

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.Spending hours setting up and decorating your Christmas tree is always a festive pleasure.But then you go out for a few hours and come home to find that your dog has completely destroyed the tree.To that end, we have put together a list of the four best dog fences for protecting your Christmas tree.Those little white picket fence barriers that you see around shopping mall Christmas trees are purely decorative and aren’t going to have what it takes to keep a determined dog out.For this, you need a proper dog barrier, like the four options we have chosen below.If you are able to close off the whole room where you have put your Christmas tree, presents, and other decorations, this attractive fence from Primetime Petz is a great choice.This sturdy fence, made from furniture-grade wood, won’t be easily toppled or damaged by your pup.Available in walnut or white depending on your aesthetic preference, you can also purchase more than one if you prefer to create a small enclosure around your Christmas tree as will clip together with other gates.If you are looking for an effective way to keep your dog out of the room that has been turned over to Christmas, this attractive gate does an excellent job.This is one of the sturdier home barriers for pets, made from top-quality wood and extra tall at 31.5 inches.Can be used as a room barrier or to create an enclosed space.Will probably need more than one fence to create an enclosed space large enough for a Christmas tree.This gate is both functional and flexible, so you have a number of options at your disposal when it comes to preventing pup-related Christmas tree disasters.You can cover up to 18.5 square feet with a single affordable fence, which should be enough for even the largest Christmas trees.The fence is available in grey, cream, or multi-color to match your Christmas style.Your dog will then need to wear a compatible PetSafe radio collar that beeps when they get too close to the designated space, warning them that they should keep their distance.However, your dog will need to be trained regarding what is required of them when they hear the beeps, so there is a little bit of time investment to get this invisible barrier working.The oil of fir trees can also be mildly toxic to dogs if they have enough contact with it.This means they will be less likely to attack the tree once it is fully decorated.It is also a good idea to avoid edible decorations such as gingerbread men that will attract your dog’s attention.Don’t keep presents under the tree especially if there is food inside.You can also do other things to discourage their interest in the tree.Dogs are generally turned off by strong scents, so spraying the tree with a concentrated scent such as peppermint, hot chili, or citrus fruits might put them off getting too close.The oils that fir trees give off can be mildly toxic to dogs if they have sufficient contact with them.It is best to avoid trees that have pine needles, as these sharp pieces of foliage can easily hurt dogs if they get in their eyes or paws, or if they are accidentally swallowed.Fir trees can be mildly toxic to dogs if they ingest enough of its natural oils.For this reason, if you have a dog, it is best to keep all edibles off the tree.Which Is Better When You Have Pets, A Real Or Fake Christmas Tree?We have also put together a list of tips for other things you can do to discourage your dog’s interest in your tree, and make it a bit safer for everyone if they do decide to make the tree their newest play toy.