What's The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

What's The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
Edward R. Forte November 25, 2021

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What's The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Snuffle mats and puzzle toys are great solutions for slowing down the gobbling of treats—but what about mealtimes?Quickly devouring food isn’t a harmless quirk of your dog’s personality.If your dog exhibits a distended abdomen, dry heaving, sounds of pain, and/or excessive drooling and panting, take them to the vet immediately.Slow feeders have ridges, pockets, raised centers, and other design elements compared to a regular open bowl.Slow feeders come in a range of depths, with deeper grooves making the food tougher to get; if your dog is easily frustrated by challenges you may want to try out a shallower bowl.Outward Hound really shines when it comes to slow feeder bowls for dogs, which is why we’re featuring three of their designs.Made from food-safe materials, this dishwasher-safe orange bowl is crafted in a spiral, which not only slows down your dog’s gobbles, but it looks pretty darn fun, too!The teal, curved wall construction of this (BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free) plastic bowl is another fun option from Outward Hound, available in two sizes.Available in a one-cup or four-cup volume, this stainless steel slow feeder bowl for dogs is durable and easy to clean.Hyper Pet’s dish helps your dog slow down via its small pockets for food and treats.Frisco’s bone maze slow feeder bowl for dogs is BPA free—not to mention, super cute!Made from food-safe plastic with a grippy base, we love that this bowl comes in a long snout and short snout option for different types of dogs, as well as three neutral color combos.Designed from heavy-duty materials, this bowl will not slide, rust, or stain and it even resists bacteria, to boot! .

11 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

If you're looking for the best all-around slow feeder bowl that you can customize to your dog's needs, this one is it.It's large enough to stay steady and make sure the food is at the bottom of the channels. .

The 5 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls (Updated 2020)

If your dog doesn’t even come up for air when you put food into his bowl, then it’s safe to say he’s eating too fast.Also, though your pup may appear to be perfectly fine after inhaling his meal, he needs to slow down when he's eating to avoid potential complications.A great way to help your pooch take more time while he eats is to use a slow feed dog bowl.What Is a Slow Feed Dog Bowl?Most slow feed dishes include raised areas in a variety of shapes that provide obstacles for your dog to eat around during chow time; other bowls may spread the food out to encourage Fido to take smaller bites.The problem is, whether it's immediately noticeable in your pup or not, speed eating comes with its fair share of issues.Plus, even if your pup doesn’t eat like there’s no tomorrow, these uniquely designed dishes can help make mealtimes safer and more enjoyable for all dogs.When you eat too quickly, you also increase your likelihood of choking or aspirating your food, not to mention the psychological effect of still feeling hungry.Vomiting (your pup’s stomach simply can’t keep up with the rate at which he is eating).Bad breath (This is because your dog isn’t bothering to chew his food; the act of chewing dry food is what helps clean your pup’s teeth).Optional base doubles as a water bowl.Holds up to 6 cups of food.Comes in multiple sizes, designs, and styles.Size: Medium - 10” at the base, 2” height, holds 2 cups of food.Large - 11.5” at the base, 2” height, holds 3 cups of food.Another option is to spread your dog’s food out over a large area, such as a tray, to prevent him from gobbling up too much food in each bite.Plus, if you are going to add an object to your pet’s dish, you have to be very careful that it is not something that poses a choking hazard for your dog.Some dogs don’t seem to like the idea of eating out of a bowl, whether it’s fun-shaped, plastic, stainless steel, elevated, or any other type of dog bowl.Place your pup’s food into a slow feed bowl and make it available for a couple of minutes.Eventually, your pup will learn what you expect him to do and eat out of his bowl for the duration of his meal.You may be surprised at how much of a difference it makes when you adjust the way you feed your furry companion. .

The 4 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls

And it helps if they have non-slip material on the base to prevent sliding.Note that it's the most challenging design on this list, so if your dog is an especially aggressive eater, you might opt for an easier one so they don't hurt their snout trying to get the food out.He also seems far more satisfied when it takes him longer to eat, which is wonderful.2 The Best For Heavy Chewers Wiser Pet Slow Feed Dog Bowl Amazon $18.95 See On Amazon Capacity: 2 cups dry kibble What's great about it: If your dog is a heavy chewer that can't be trusted with plastic or silicone, this stainless steel slow feeder is a virtually indestructible alternative.Our [Pit bull] mix gulps her food so fast and I worry about Bloat since she has a deep chest.3 The Best For Flat-Faced Breeds AmazonBasics Dog Slow Feeder Bowl for Anti-Bloating Amazon $5.79 See On Amazon Capacity: 5 to 6 cups dry kibble What's great about it: If you have a flat-nosed pup like a French bulldog, pug, or Shih Tzu, it can be tough to find a slow feeder that works with their snout.What fans say: "I ordered a few different slow feeders, but all of them were too deep for my English Bulldog! .

The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl [2021]: No More Inhaling Food!

Will need to be checked on an ongoing basis for chips and cracks in ceramic, because the material underneath the glaze is porous and can harbor bacteria.An excellent material for dog bowls, as it is an extremely stable compound and will not break down the way that plastic does.Plastic bowls should be high-quality, heavy-duty plastic listed as phthalate, BPA free.Plastic or ceramic bowls may be more suitable if you are seeking durability and the stainless bowls do not slow down your dog’s eating. .

The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for Your Fur Baby

Thanks to a unique rigid design, these bowls force your dog to slow down as they eat to reduce choking, vomiting, overeating, and other complications of eating too quickly.The meal-lengthening ridges on the bottom of slow feeders keep your dogs more engaged and fully entertained as they eat.The meal-lengthening ridges on the bottom of slow feeders keep your dogs more engaged and fully entertained as they eat.Now that you know the benefits of slow feeder bowls, it's time to find the right one.Here are a few key features to keep an eye out for while you shop: Design complexity— The more intricate the design of the bowl, the slower it will force your dog to eat.We recommend starting with a slow-feed dog bowl with a simpler design and swapping it out for something more intricate if you find that Fido is still eating too fast.The more intricate the design of the bowl, the slower it will force your dog to eat.We recommend starting with a slow-feed dog bowl with a simpler design and swapping it out for something more intricate if you find that Fido is still eating too fast.Adequate size— Slow feed dog bowls come in a range of sizes, so you'll want to choose one that's proportionate to the size of your furry friend.The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls.It's suitable for use with wet or dry food and comes in two size options.Best For Large Size Dog.Top dog Chews' Brake Fast Stainless Steel Slow Feed Dog Blow helps to slow down chow time and keep your furry friend entertained.The veterinarian-tested and approved bowl is made from stainless steel with a non-slip base.Our Verdict: This bowl is perfect for large breed dogs as it can hold up to 5 cups of kibble or wet dog food.Made with durable material, this is the best bowl for chewers.Our Verdict: This is the best for medium to large size as the grooves may be too deep for the smaller breed.Best For Small Size Dog.EveryYay's intricately designed 'Take It Slow' Slow Feeder Pet Bowl helps your dog eat slower and stay engaged during mealtime.In the food bowl, intricate ridges help to slow down your dog's eating time by up to 4x.This two in one bowl allow you to feed your dog kibbles and water.It is perfect for dogs of all sizes, even large breeds, as it can hold up to 4 cups of kibble.Our Verdict: This bowl is perfect for medium-large breed dogs as it can up to 4 cups of kibble.This boredom-busting LickiMat Wobble Slow Feed Dog Bowl encourages play during mealtime while forcing your dog to slow down and enjoy their food.When it comes to ceramic slow feed dog bowls, you can't go wrong with one of Susan O Hanlon Pottery's Ceramic Slow Feeder Pet Bowls. .

What Kind of Dog Bowl Is Best for My Dog?

When shopping for a dog bowl, some considerations include cost, style, safety, purpose, durability, and ease of cleaning. .

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl: The Top 5

The best picks for slow feeder bowls are ones that make mealtime fun, stimulating your dog with skillful puzzles.With some other wonderful options out there, you can choose the best slow feeder bowl for your dog.What is a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?If your dog is scoffing down their water, then a slow feeder bowl can also be used as a water bowl.First and foremost, the main reason to use a slow feeder dog bowl is to slow eating.Bad behavior in your dog can be a habit that they picked up as a puppy.When there are other dogs in the home, there may be an element of competition that causes them to race through their mealtime.A hungry and starving dog will race to their meal and scoff down a large amount of food.Even if you think you are giving your dog enough food, the quality of the dog food and underlying health issues can cause your dog to eat too fast.Of course, before you panic, your dog may find deep satisfaction in eating their food and do so at a speedy rate because they’re excited.The Dangers of a Dog Eating Too Fast.When your pet eats their dog food too fast, it can lead to other hazardous conditions, some of which are fatal.Obesity – When your dog eats too fast, it doesn’t allow their body to feel full.The Top 5 Slow Feeder Dog Bowls.The basic requirement of a slow feed dog bowl is to get your hound to slow down.Help your dog to slow down their eating with the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Bowl.Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the Fun Feeder comes in different sizes.The stainless steel material is the best choice for hard use and also has a non-skid rubber to help it stay put.You can also use this stainless steel slow feeder as a water bowl for your dog.It comes in red or teal and is a good choice for small or miniature dogs who need no more than two cups of food.It’s easy to clean and will fit on the top rack of your dishwasher to wash off any leftover bits of wet food or raw food.The simple design comes in two sizes, and being dishwasher safe, you’ll be happy to know that wet food, dry food, or even raw food will work on this slow feeder surface.If your dog is a heavy chewer, plastic may not be the best choice as any scratches can trap and hold bacteria that cannot be cleaned.The best dog feeder bowls are dishwasher safe.A rubber grip or a non-slip silicone base can keep the slow feeder bowl still so that mealtime doesn’t also have to be a game of fetch.Select a slow feeder bowl that holds enough cups of food to satisfy your large dogs or small dogs.Slow down eating by choosing a bowl that will provide an adventure for their brain without making them too frustrated.Once they’ve realized how fun it can be, mealtime will be stretched out and they will enjoy the challenge. .



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