How To Make A Deer Feeder Out Of Pvc Pipe

How To Make A Deer Feeder Out Of Pvc Pipe
Edward R. Forte October 14, 2021

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How To Make A Deer Feeder Out Of Pvc Pipe

One thing that is constant with every hunter out there is that they are always searching for ways to improve their chances of harvesting an animal.Hunting is an expensive hobby that requires a lot of equipment including your weapon, apparel, optics and other devices that aid in taking a perfect and ethical shot.Deer feeders can be expensive so many hunters look for ways to build their own.One of the most shared and primary deer feeders that you can replicate is a channel table style.Some deer may be discouraged if part of their view is blocked while they eat.Pick a good spot to make sure it’s effective.There are different styles to this as well, and much of it depends on what materials are used, not to mention your skill level and what tools you have.As they eat, gravity will refill the base with grains.Some use small skinny structure that has a roof shelter over it.The same concept can also be adapted to other containers.And if you expect trouble with little critters eating your deer feed, here are some tips to avoid that.These are set around 3 feet apart using 2×4 wood beams as the structural support.This is used for goats and other animals, but can easily be used for deer although bucks need bigger holes to get their heads inside.Aside from alfalfa and similar feeds, there are a variety of attractants that can be made into licks or blocks.One common recipe uses molasses, deer corn, cornmeal, brown sugar, oils, and salt.This can be molded into a block, liquid, mixed with dirt, or however you like.Are deer feeders or bait not allowed where you hunt?Then here are some alternative methods that can enhance your deer hunting environment more naturally. .

5 DIY Deer Feeder Plans: Easy Homemade Designs • Advanced

Buckets & Drums – These can hold larger amounts of feed so they don’t have to be filled as often, and can be made from discarded, easily obtained materials.– These can hold larger amounts of feed so they don’t have to be filled as often, and can be made from discarded, easily obtained materials.They can also be equipped with a motorized automatic feeder to drop feed on a schedule, or just use the simple gravity feed method.They can also be equipped with a motorized automatic feeder to drop feed on a schedule, or just use the simple gravity feed method.This design is just what it says, all the materials can be bought at your local hardware store for $50 or less, and the only tools really needed are a drill and a hacksaw.One can PVC cement.Cut the 6” PVC pipe to the desired length.Drill some holes for drainage in one of the end caps, primer and cement the inside edge, and attach it to the bottom of the Wye coupler.Drill holes along the side of the pipe to attach eye-bolts.Take the end cap that will cover the top of the feeder and drill one hole in the center and one in the side, with a corresponding hole in the main pipe.You can also find pre-made drain caps at the store but make sure the holes are small enough to keep your feed in.It uses a 5-gallon bucket to hold the feed, with a small hole cut into the bottom.A large tin can is suspended from the bottom of the rod so the wind or nudging deer can cause the feed to fall from the hole.The feed is kept in the bucket until the can is moved by a washer slightly larger than the hole suspended on the rod an inch or so below the hole, just enough to keep the feed in the bucket until the rod is moved when a small amount of feed will drop to the ground.One 1” x 2” board 16” in length.Cut a 1” wide hole in the bottom of the bucket Cut two 2” long sections off of the board then trim the board to fit across the bottom of the bucket (most 5-gallon buckets are 10.33” across at the bottom) Drill a hole through the middle of the board aligned with the hole in the bucket, large enough to allow the rod to swing slightly, nail or screw 2” pieces to the end of the board as supports, place in bottom of the bucket Place 2” washer on the rod with ¼” washers and nuts on each side, double nuts on the lower side to keep it securely in position on the rod Secure the rod from the wooden bridge through the hole in the bucket, adjust the 2” washer so it’s about 1” below the hole Drill ¼” hole through the side of the can in the middle, attach to end of the rod with nuts and washers.Four 2” holes are cut around the bottom of the drum and 2” PVC elbows are inserted and cemented in place to channel the feed.Materials for platform.You can cut off part of the elbow to let the feed enter at a lower angle.If you have a white plastic drum you can leave a strip unpainted so you can observe the feed level.If you’re looking to build a feeder that’s easy to transport, holds a lot of feed, and automatically distributes feed on a timed schedule this is the plan for you.Aluminum tubing is used to make a tripod with detachable legs that can be easily taken off for transport and reattached with a quick release pin.A hole is cut into the bottom of the drum to allow feed into the motorized feeder.A funnel can be fitted to the inside bottom of the drum to ensure that all the feed is used.For bracket tubing, cut three 14” lengths.Flatten 4” on one end of bracket tubes and drill two ¼” holes for bolts.Cut hole in the bottom of the drum the approximate size of the feeder entry Drill holes in drum and attach brackets with bolts Drill ¼” hole in leg tubes 4” from the end that will slide into the bracket Bolt automatic feeder to bottom of the drum, fit funnel over the hole in the bottom Install tubing caps on end of legs and attach to bracket with a quick-release pin.It uses a 55-gallon drum cut in half to hold the feed, mounted on a covered platform made with 4” x 4”s and corrugated roofing panels. .

9 Deer Feeder Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

This is where we come in, with this thoroughly researched list of gravity deer feeder plans you can learn how to build a deer feeder that you can get started on today.Though these critters can sometimes figure out how to get into a gravity deer feeder anyway, it’s still worth it to try bringing the feeder up to deer-head level and off of the ground and trees.When you build any of these plans, make sure they include holes at the bottom for draining any moisture that collects in the feeder, and make sure that there’s no way that water can get in.The lid on top can be removed to pour more corn into the feeder.DIY PVC Pipe Deer Feeder Attached to a Tree.Fill up the pipe from the top with deer feed.The 2 PVC pipe feeder is simply two of the previous feeders attached to the same post.DIY 5-Gallon Bucket Deer Feeder.The 5-gallon bucket deer feeder gets 3 out of 5 stars for critter-proofness.You can’t see it in the picture, but this gravity deer feeder plan has a wooden dowel inside of it.This deer feeder is huge, so you don’t have to fill it all the time.The stand for the drum to sit on is designed so you can climb up it and add more deer feed.The slots at the bottom of the barrel can vary from 1 to up to 4 spots where deer can eat from the barrel.Hook up the wires that are attached to the bucket to your pulley system and crank it up.Though you have to be very careful when setting up this deer feeder, it could be the best out of this list at deterring other woodland creatures from stealing your deer feed. .

PVC feeder VS throwing on the ground

I tried cob corn once, the squirrels and coons had it carried off overnight.When I tried it, shelled corn was $5.00 for 60 lbs, and cob corn was $6.00 for 50 lbs. .

PVC Homemade Deer Feeder

Also, a lesson learned from experience, is not to make the deer feeder too tall.I also suggest making sure you have your threaded end of the pipe on top so you can use a screw on cap.From: Piece of 6 or 8 inch diameter PVC pipe, about 3-4 feet long (or in this application: tall) One plastic bucket that will fit over the PVC pipe.However you choose, afix the pipe so that it will stand, securely upright.The ground will work, but a piece of plywood 2ft x 2ft is better.From: Gravity Fed Homemade Deer Feeder Plans Four to five foot length of 4" or 6" sewer pipe ( 6" riser will hold a lot more feed) 4'' X 6" Reducer fitting (optional if using 6" pipe) 4" single "wye" or 4"double "wye" fitting 1 - 4" or 6" plastic cap for top 1 - 4" cap for bottom Option for bottom 1 -4" plastic to 4" female pipe thread adapter 1 - 4" threaded pipe plug 1.Sand the top cap interior or top pipe exterior sufficiently so the top cap can be placed on and removed without binding.Drill a half a dozen 1/8" weep holes in the bottom cap (or plug if using that option) so any rain water will drain.FROM: Materials for 3 feeders: 1 - 10 foot 4" PVC drainage pipe 3 - Y female 4" fittings M x F x F 6 - end caps for 4" pipe 3 - 3" to 4" nails 12 - ½" wood screws or sheet metal self-tapping screws Cut the flared end off the 10' pipe.You can also blend in some oats, or cracked corn, but I find whole corn works great by itself, and easily slides through the pipe.You may need to sand smooth the fittings so they fit easily together for assembly.Stabilize your homemade deer feeder by fastening it to a tree or post.From: What you need: 5 foot stick of 3-4 inch PVC Pipe.Coffee Can or some other way to cover the pipe.Cut in an opening, again using a 45 degree angle, the opening should be 4-5 inches long depending on the type of grain you are using.Fill with grain and then cover with a coffee can or some other means to prevent water from getting to the grain.You can purchase the rolled oats with molasses at your local horse and cattle feed store.Put the pipe end cap on to keep out moisture, squirrels and raccoons.As you load the feed into the feeder, gravity will pull some of it out but we found that if you place yoour foot against the hole as you fill it it will fill up and not allow a lot of fed to spill.We made these feeders out of 24" driveway pipe, plyboard, and salt treated boards.Please include any parts needed, tools, and all the details we need to know.Your plans will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here.You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold.I understand that you will display my submission on your website.(You can preview and edit on the next page) What Other Visitors Have Said Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...wood screws earth tone spray paints saw, dremel, or … Deer Feeder Helped Save My Plants.I placed a deer feeder in area away from my gardens.Quick and Cheap Deer Feeder 1-8ft section 4" PVC 1-end cap 1-screw top w/adapter 1-90 degree elbow Dremel tool w/cutting wheel Drill w/ 1/4 … What I think.I cut some 90 degree brackets and mounted them on a 1/4 thick aluminum … PVC feeder Not rated will need this things, a 5 gallon bucket ,a lid ,1inch pvc pipe ,nails ,earth tone spray paint,drill or hamer, first take the pvc an drill the … flat out Not rated yet.Then, get some pvc, use glue or a bolting system to put the pipe on the bottom … Click here to write your own. .

How to Build a Bird Feeding Pole Out of PVC Pipe

You can do this by covering the feeder's pole with PVC pipe.Drive a steel fence post into the ground where you're placing the bird feeder.Keep it away from any trees, fences, or other objects from which a squirrel could jump onto the feeder. .



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