Dog Bowls To Make Dogs Eat Slower

Dog Bowls To Make Dogs Eat Slower
Edward R. Forte October 20, 2021

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Dog Bowls To Make Dogs Eat Slower

Some dogs are slow eaters, taking their time to chew every little piece and enjoy each bite.They eat so fast you can barely blink an eye before the entire meal is gone.It is just huge amounts of food that have been ingested sitting in the stomach. .

Dog Slow Feeders - Top Brands, Low Prices (Free Shipping)

Chewy even offers an elevated slow feeder bowl option, with the Platinum Pets Olympic Diner.With sliding “toecaps” and rotating lids, this interactive food bowl is sure to keep your pup entertained while he enjoys his daily meals.So if you are looking to help your pet really take their time when it comes to eating their meals, check out Chewy’s great selection of slow feeders for dogs.Shop this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog products.You are sure to find the perfect fit for your canine companion!Flat-faced breeds may have trouble eating out of some of the slow feed bowl designs, so read descriptions and check reviews to see which ones might be best if you have a flat-faced pup.This slows down the pace of eating to help prevent indigestion, gas, vomiting and unwanted weight gain.Slow feeders are mentally stimulating, activating the natural food foraging instinct in canines. .

11 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

If you're looking for the best all-around slow feeder bowl that you can customize to your dog's needs, this one is it.It's large enough to stay steady and make sure the food is at the bottom of the channels. .

Figuring Out the Pros & Cons of Slow Feeder Bowls

Walk into any pet store and you see a variety of brightly colored plastic feeders designed to slow the speedy eater.In respect of reducing a risk factor for bloat, slow feeders have the potential to be life-saving.But slow feeders have other benefits, such as reducing flatulence in greedy dogs!If that dog then runs around or plays, they are at greater risk of the stomach flipping over to cause a GDV (gastric dilatation and volvulus).Some dogs are slow on the uptake and struggle to master a complex feeder.However, it's easy enough to improvise with muffin tins or plastic bottles, and have the satisfaction of making your own.Both the mental stimulation and positive health benefits of slow feeders make them a winner for all but the fussiest of eaters (But for these guys swallowing air isn't a problem anyway).However, if your dog is a truly fussy eater and not food-motivated, just be sure they don't starve -- an old-fashioned bowl wins out for these guys.Compare pet health insurance plans to save more than $270 a year on vet care. .

How to Get Your Dog to Eat Slower

Are your feeding an exceptionally calorie/nutrient dense food, which limits the volume your dog can eat?The simplest method of getting your dog to eat more slowly is to scatter his kibble on the kitchen floor, patio, or even in the grass of your yard.Some just have a few pillars sticking out of the bottom that a dog has to work around, while others are essentially mazes that make dogs use their tongues to pick out only a few kibbles at a time.Others roll or wobble, and when they are in the right position a few kibbles will fall out.Others simply make it hard for dogs to reach their meal without a lot of chewing or licking (e.g., a hollow rubber toy stuffed with canned food and frozen). .

5 Ways to Slow Down a Speed Eater – Primal Pet Foods

It may seem harmless, but eating too fast can be dangerous for your pet.Eating too fast can cause your pet to gag, vomit, or even choke.Or it could be something more serious such as a parasite preventing them from getting the nutrients they need.This can make your pet less likely to wolf down their food during mealtimes knowing that another meal is coming soon.As natural predators, cats and dogs have an instinct to hunt for their food.This obstruction in the bowl will make your pet work around it and take small bites due to a constricted space.Just make sure whatever object you put in the bowl isn’t easily swallowed.Help your pet enjoy their meal at a healthier pace with these tips. .

How to Train Your Dog to Eat Slower

Check with your dog food manufacturer and vet to find out how much pup needs at this age - usually it is based on expected adult size, but can vary as each pup is a bit different.You can also look into devices like Kong wobble that make your pup work to get the food out so slow down the feeding process - plus those things keep pup stimulated mentally and can help prevent bad habits like barking and destructive chewing.Use pup's daily kibble for this (another way to slow down eating also).If you can find a free puppy play date class attend one of those with him so that he can learn how to control the pressure of his bite by playing with other puppies.At this age puppies will sometimes get really hyper when they are overtired or haven't had any mental stimulation through something like training.When you spot that and think pup could be tired, place pup in their crate or an exercise pen with a food stuffed Kong for a bit to help him calm down and rest. .

The 5 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls (Updated 2020)

If your dog doesn’t even come up for air when you put food into his bowl, then it’s safe to say he’s eating too fast.Also, though your pup may appear to be perfectly fine after inhaling his meal, he needs to slow down when he's eating to avoid potential complications.A great way to help your pooch take more time while he eats is to use a slow feed dog bowl.What Is a Slow Feed Dog Bowl?Most slow feed dishes include raised areas in a variety of shapes that provide obstacles for your dog to eat around during chow time; other bowls may spread the food out to encourage Fido to take smaller bites.The problem is, whether it's immediately noticeable in your pup or not, speed eating comes with its fair share of issues.Plus, even if your pup doesn’t eat like there’s no tomorrow, these uniquely designed dishes can help make mealtimes safer and more enjoyable for all dogs.When you eat too quickly, you also increase your likelihood of choking or aspirating your food, not to mention the psychological effect of still feeling hungry.Vomiting (your pup’s stomach simply can’t keep up with the rate at which he is eating).Bad breath (This is because your dog isn’t bothering to chew his food; the act of chewing dry food is what helps clean your pup’s teeth).Optional base doubles as a water bowl.Holds up to 6 cups of food.Comes in multiple sizes, designs, and styles.Size: Medium - 10” at the base, 2” height, holds 2 cups of food.Large - 11.5” at the base, 2” height, holds 3 cups of food.Another option is to spread your dog’s food out over a large area, such as a tray, to prevent him from gobbling up too much food in each bite.Plus, if you are going to add an object to your pet’s dish, you have to be very careful that it is not something that poses a choking hazard for your dog.Some dogs don’t seem to like the idea of eating out of a bowl, whether it’s fun-shaped, plastic, stainless steel, elevated, or any other type of dog bowl.Place your pup’s food into a slow feed bowl and make it available for a couple of minutes.Eventually, your pup will learn what you expect him to do and eat out of his bowl for the duration of his meal.You may be surprised at how much of a difference it makes when you adjust the way you feed your furry companion. .



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